LogHomeReports.com is currently close indefinitely.

Final words from the founder

Over the past 15 years, LogHomeReports.com had provided a sounding board for people who were seeking, or wanted to share, information about the log home industry.

What started out as a way for me to share my personal experience, blossomed into an outlet for those as frustrated as I was. Over the years I was threatened with a variety of legal actions, and received many angry emails from log home company executives claiming that the information posted by users was slander and/or false. To that, I say BULLSHIT. People don't make up stories like those posted. A company's number one goal should be customer satisfaction. That expands into profit. Many Log Home Companies acted like shady car salesmen. Make the sale, and that's the end of the deal. No support after the sale.

But LogHomeReports.com wasn't just about venting frustration It was also a place where people could share their dream of living in a log home.

There comes a time when all good things come to an end. The Log Home Industry is not what it use to be. It's now mostly run by greed and this thirst for abundant profit more than ever. For those of you wishing to have that log home dream of your own, I suggest finding a local, independent company to help you.

And above all ... let the buyer beware. Read all the fine print, question everything, and get all statements and answers IN WRITING.

Good Luck!
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